One of the most common questions we get in our office is, what conditions is chiropractic good for?

First, let’s revisit how the body works. The body is designed to be amazing. As long as the body gets everything that it requires, the body will work closer to its full potential.

What does the body need?

To name a few: Food/Fuel, Movement, Sleep, Air, Water.

The one system we address as Structural Chiropractors is the nervous system. The body also requires a good nerve supply to every organ, cell, and tissue of your body.

What do you think would happen if you removed something that the body needed over a period of time? The body would no longer work properly. If the body no longer works properly, it starts to deteriorate and breakdown.  At some point, symptoms or conditions may start to develop.

What’s important to know is this:

Chiropractic – properly applied is not a therapy or treatment for any specific condition, BUT having a nervous system that functions properly while also fulfilling the other key requirements of your body will positively impact your health regardless of the symptom or condition.

You may go to a chiropractor with headaches, sinus issues, allergies, high blood pressure, etc. and through the course of chiropractic care; the issue(s) improved or ceased altogether. You might wonder how these things can improve. How might chiropractic be a therapy for so many things?

Let’s be clear, chiropractic is NOT a cure-all.

Secondary issues (symptoms) get better by restoring something the body was not getting.  Perhaps it is restoring the function of the nervous system, providing proper nutrients, or restoring proper movement patterns. Together, this allows the body to work and perform optimally. If you have a specific health condition or symptom, your body will work better under chiropractic care. That’s a no brainer.

The reason this clarification is needed is for people that have no symptoms or specific condition and believe they are healthy and well. Perhaps you or someone you know believes that chiropractic can’t benefit you.

Chiropractic is about addressing the spine and nervous system in all people. The most important people to be evaluated are children. If the nervous system is compromised, the issue needs to be corrected to allow the body to work and develop better.  It’s not just to resolve a symptom, condition, or overcome a challenge.

The purpose of optimizing the function of your body and bringing it closer to its full potential is not just for today but to safeguard your health as you go forward.

To be fair, there are different types of chiropractors just like there is a variation of specialties within the medical profession. I happen to be highlighting one specific approach called Structural Chiropractic.

This approach deals with very specific and measurable problems such as Anterior Head Syndrome. If you would like to test yourself right now, grab the Free Self-Assessment Tool below and see for yourself.