What Superman Can Teach Us About Health

If I were to ask you how important your brain and nervous system are in running the day to day operations of your body, what would you say?

My guess is you would say, “it’s important.” You may even understand that your function is vital to both the quality and quantity of your life.

To appreciate the extent of the nervous system, look at Christopher Reeves, the actor who played Superman. He fell from a horse and injured his spinal cord. The result? His brain could no longer talk to his body. The function of EVERYTHING diminished and he eventually lost his life to an infection that most people could have resisted.

He didn’t break his legs…but he could no longer walk. He didn’t break his lungs…but he often needed a respirator to breathe. He didn’t break his digestive tract…but required special enzymes to help digest food. What he did damage was the communication signal between his brain and the rest of his body.

Think about it as  if your nerves carried the signal that came from your satellite dish and traveled to the box on top of your television. If there is some kind of blockage that interferes with that signal, what would you expect to see on your TV screen? Thinking along those lines, what would you expect to happen if a spinal segments shifted and created an obstruction on a nerve?

The fact is, your nervous system helps coordinate billions of body cells so they can interact in harmony to help your body express optimal function, health, and performance. When there is an obstruction to your master system, the result is less than optimal function and ultimately secondary conditions (migraines, sciatica, muscle tension, digestive problems, asthma, etc).

Innately, people recognize that the connection between the brain and the body plays a key role in living an extraordinary life, but often fail to realize it needs to be cared for and safeguarded.  Chiropractors who focus on NeuroStructural Correction have one objective — to optimize and maintain the integrity of the nervous system by restoring the spine to as close to Normal Structure as possible.

At Keystone Chiropractic, our goal is to ensure that your body and brain are communicating properly.

Normal Spine Structure