How to Keep Your Health Goals Simple This Year

Is a health goal on your radar this year? It can be a confusing and complicated journey with new and conflicting advice coming out everywhere you turn.

Let’s think about your health in simple terms and ask…

What key things does the body require to be healthy?

1. Movement: The body requires much more and different types of movement than are currently “normal” for the average person.
2. Fuel: Provide the building blocks for life. You are what you eat & drink.
3. Recharge: Focused time and energy put towards regenerating and restoring the mind & body.
4. Brain/Body Connection: The 3 categories above are typically what people think about when improving their health. The things above happen effectively through an optimally functioning nervous system, free from obstruction. (Psst! We can help with this)

We can tolerate great inadequacies but we cannot survive without these four things. We also can’t be healthy and perform at our best if there are inefficiencies.

You are NOT invincible if you fulfill these requirements perfectly (which is unrealistic for anyone), but striving to improve in these areas increases your odds to tackle anything you want — whether that is sitting through the day pain free, hiking up a mountain on your next trip, or getting the dream job you want.

If you want more from your body, get back to basics, and keep it simple. Also, it may help to think about improving your health as a journey, not a destination. This will be something you continue to tweak throughout your LIFE (not just for the next 30 days).

How to Get Started.

Here’s a few suggestions of tweaks you can choose to focus on to get you started…


-Add one day of strength training per week. Simply using your body weight is a great place to start.

-Not moving at all currently? Squeeze in 2-3x of this quick energy boost to break up your day (especially if you’re a desk-jockey).


Pick out a vegetable at the grocery store you haven’t had in a while and look up an easy recipe to prepare it. 

-Work toward drinking half of your body weight in ounces daily (200 lb person = 100 ounces/day).


-Take a moment daily (at least weekly) to jot down a few things you’re grateful for. Try thinking about the little things throughout your week (a friendly barista, a friend that truly listened to you during a difficult time)

-Try not to deviate too far from your normal sleep schedule on the weekend.

Brain/Body Connection: 

Current patients: Start with 5 minutes, 3x per week to dedicate to regrouping with your at home complementary recommendations (stretches, exercises, etc.).  Also, make sure to get checked and adjusted regularly to prevent any major crises from popping up.

Everyone else: Consider scheduling a complimentary consultation or attending an Introduction to NeuroStructural Chiropractic session to start the process of checking the status on your brain/body connection.

The articles, blogs, workshops, and events we’ll share throughout the year will revolve around the categories above. While we don’t offer services in ALL of the categories above, we’ve made some fantastic connections around the metro with people who know their stuff. We’re here to help (and to connect you with folks that can help) you reach your health goals this year and beyond. Don’t hesitate to let us know how we can best do that!