Now that fall is underway and winter will be here before you know it in Des Moines (I know!), you may notice that more people around you will get sick and have to miss work or time with friends and family. Have you ever wondered, why are some people sick all of the time and others are rarely sick at all?

Health is a result of meeting the vital requirements of the human body. Take a flower as an example; it requires sunlight, water, nutrient-rich soil, and carbon dioxide to express optimal health. It starts wilting or turning brown/yellow when it receives less than all of it’s requirements.

Your body is the same way; it requires you to care for your mental health, feed it nutrient dense foods, movement, and a healthy functioning brain-body connection (nervous system).

Fall and winter are times when many people have a harder time meeting their body’s vital requirements for health. Nutrient-poor foods, high stress, not as much movement are a few things that allow the body to have less health. It’s NOT that your body did anything wrong or is deficient in medicine. It’s not that germs are coming out of hiding all of a sudden. Your body is adapting to the choices you’ve made and doing the very best it can.

A key component of a healthy immune system (in addition to a proper functioning brain & nervous system) is making sure your body has the correct nutrients to support proper function. Even with the best food choices this time of year, most people do NOT get enough of Vitamin D.

Mountains of research show that achieving healthy Vitamin D levels is one of the easiest ways to prevent disease, promote long-term health, and reduce injury and illness rates.

Get Your D for Defense!

Most people are Vitamin D deficient because the best way to receive adequate amounts is via direct sun exposure. That is hard to achieve in Iowa between September and May because the sun is farther away from the Northern Hemisphere and most people don’t receive adequate amounts of direct sunlight.

Tons of research link Vitamin D deficiency to heightened risk of heart disease, cancer, cognitive decline, and obesity. Here’s a few more reasons why everyone should get enough D:

–  Necessary for a robust immune system
–  Protective against musculoskeletal injuries and fractures
–  Likelihood of having depression and other brain/mood disorders is significantly higher in D-deficient people
–  Linked with fighting numerous cancers including lung, breast, colon, and prostate.

How Much Vitamin D?

It’s important to check blood Vitamin D levels periodically due to seasonal differences.

In order to maintain Vitamin D levels from sun exposure, you need to be in direct sunlight for 20 minutes daily between 10 am and 2 pm (without sunscreen).

Supplementing with 35 IU/pound of body weight or approximately 5,000 IU daily in order to achieve a blood level between 50 and 80 ng/ml is the easy alternative if you have limited sun exposure (fall & winter).

Quality is Key!

Many synthetic forms are pretty much useless for your health. There are two forms of vitamin D: the synthetic form called vitamin D2 (not the type produced by your body and the sun, and not the type that’s going to enhance your health), and vitamin D3, the form naturally produced by your body.

Please make sure you’re getting the D3 form from a trusted and verifiable source. At Keystone Chiropractic, we carry pharmaceutical grade Vitamin D & Omega 3 supplements; all current patients receive 20% off.

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