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Eat for Your Body’s Design

Eat for your body’s design is a continuation of Health Made Simple, described in a previous blog. Below is a quick review before discussing how to properly fuel your body. Is a health goal like eating better or cleaning up your diet on your radar this year? It can be a confusing and complicated journey […]

Health Made Simple – A BlogCast

Health Made Simple

Health Made Simple is a BlogCast from Keystone Chiropractic. It’s designed to make the seemingly complicated goals around health, simple. Health Made Simple is available in written form as well. Check out each individual requirement for more details. You can find links to those articles below. Eat for Your Body’s Design Move for Your Body’s […]

How to Keep Your Health Goals Simple This Year

Health Made Simple

Keep your Health Goals Simple this year. It can be a confusing and complicated journey with new and conflicting advice coming out everywhere you turn. Let’s think about your health in simple terms and ask… What key things does the body require to be healthy? 1. Movement: The body requires much more and different types of movement than are […]

What to Do About Sciatica?

sciatica pain relief treatment

Are you tired of dealing with that annoying (sometimes brutal) low back pain that can send numbness and tingling into your legs? Are you tired of not being able to sleep, stand, sit, play with your kids, or go to work…or do anything because it feels like you have a knife stabbing you in the […]

Embracing Stress: A Change in Perception

Phew, we made it through May, known by some as “May-cember”. The end of the school year can bring just as much if not more stress than the holidays. When talking about stress, know that our bodies are built to handle it. In fact, we need a certain amount of stress to grow and function properly. […]

Pregnancy, Stress, and Structural Chiropractic

Pregnancy comes with its own unique forms of stress. Learn how structural chiropractic can help you before, during, and after pregnancy. Check out the Prenatal Chiropractic page on our website and learn why it’s vital for pregnancy. ICPA also has some great information.

“The 3 P’s” for a Normal Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a major event in any woman’s life.  Whether it is her first or fifth child,  it is important to ensure that normal structure of her spine is maintained to diminish the chances of secondary issues arising throughout pregnancy, labor, and delivery.  One of the secondary problems that women may face is dystocia, or […]