Is your body failing? Is it turning on itself and leaving you in pain, debilitated and frustrated? You could have an Autoimmune Disease.


Autoimmune Diseases come in many different forms. Some of them you may have heard of… and others that are more rare and even some that would likely surprise you.

Conditions such as:

    • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
    • Lupus
    • Thyroid diseases
    • Diabetes
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis
    • IBS
    • Psoriasis
    • and many more…

With millions affected worldwide, autoimmune disorders are now becoming a leading cause of death among young and middle aged woman!


Although this is a complicated topic, the common thread that defines this category is the “body attacking itself”.

Your body is always operating as an organized, well-orchestrated system.

Our bodies maintain tight regulation of every single activity in order to best adapt, survive and hopefully thrive in a given environment.

The one caveat, and what is found to be a major contributing factor to autoimmunity is the one’s lifestyle choices.

Genetics can certainly play a role, but it’s the decisions you make that will have the largest effect. Your choices and lifestyle habits actually influence which genes get turned on and off.  Crazy, right?

Lifestyle factors range from:

    • exposure to toxins like heavy metals or mould
    • bacterial overgrowth
    • infection or
    • chronic inflammation from numerous sources including gut permeability and a sedentary lifestyle

Additional factors include stress, medication use, and poor sleep. Check out our 5 best ways to improve your sleep naturally here!

Essentially anything that negatively impacts your health and body’s function could breed the environment within you that precipitates autoimmunity.


    1. Joint and muscle pain
    1. Fatigue
    1. Weight loss
    1. Fever
    1. Dry eyes, mouth or skin


The traditional medical approach for an autoimmune disease will very likely include immune suppressant and anti-inflammatory medication.

While that may work for some short-term symptom reduction, those medications are not without serious long-term side effects and will only address the collateral damage from these conditions.

Here are some steps that will yield big returns by improving the body’s function.

Changing these factors will give you the best chance at slowing down the autoimmune process.

In many cases, even building better health than what had existed prior to an autoimmunity diagnosis.

Even though it may seem like a challenge to receive an autoimmune diagnosis… this is your time to clean up your lifestyle for good!

It is definitely not the end of the road… remember you are in control of your choices.


It almost goes with saying, but engaging in a regular training program is essential.

When working with a trainer or group training class, you want a program that improves:

    • strength
    • mobility
    • and conditioning

Working on each of these aspects together will have a positive effect on nearly every measurable aspect of your body’s function, including your hormonal system.

This includes immune system health and reduction of chronic inflammation, both important outcomes in those suffering from an autoimmune condition.


Another no-brainer… diet is a key component to improving your chances of recovery.

Remember, food = fuel… and we want you to use the most nutrient dense and least toxic sources.

Discover the best fuel sources and recipes to get started!

However, what may surprise you most is what is NOT included in the recommended fuel sources.

Grain consumption plays a role in gut permeability which possibly leads to autoimmunity.

Removing grains (especially gluten containing grains) is a fundamental step in the healing and repair process.

If damage to the gut remains unchanged, improvements and even resolution of some disorders is unlikely.

This means, if you already have a compromised immune system you need to be strict with this recommendation.

In addition, reducing processed carbohydrates while increasing quality protein and good fats will accelerate the benefits to someone undergoing an autoimmune progression.


Lastly, anything you can do to improve or enhance your body’s ability to handle stress is going to be a massive bonus.

Resiliency one of our favorite words.

Resiliency is your body’s ability to handle all the incoming stress.

There will always be stress in our lives so a reduction in stress is not always possible.

What is possible is increasing your resiliency, so you can handle the incoming stress better.

How do you do this?


    • Correcting NeuroStructural problems. Properly applied, Chiropractic care changes the way in which your brain processes incoming information, improves connections to your muscles and organ systems… each of these can have a massive effect on increasing your resiliency. Contact us to find out if we can help.
    • Getting more quality rest. Sleep is the time your body recovers, repairs muscles, tissues and cleans up from all the chemical reactions of the day. Lack of adequate sleep quality or quantity have drastic effects on our body’s ability to properly function.
    • Managing your workload. It’s important to get your work done… but to make the appropriate lifestyle changes to heal from an autoimmune condition you have to prioritize your lifestyle. Creating healthy boundaries in your life is the only way you’ll prioritize your health. Schedule in time for exercise, sleep and family time. Add it to your schedule and protect this time like a work meeting… your health depends on it.
    • Disconnecting from our digital devices more often. Our devices can affect productivity, sleep and even relationships with people around us. Much like you may have to create boundaries with work, you may have to create boundaries with your devices. Implementing a house hold rule of no devices at the dinner table, or after 8 pm is a great start.

Do you have an Autoimmune Disease? What has worked for you? We’d love to hear from you!