Anterior Head Syndrome and Its Effects on You

Anterior Head Syndrome is a secondary condition caused by structural shifts in the upper spine which can lead to a variety of health concerns which many people in West Des Moines deal with every day.


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Your Brain on Sugar

Is sugar addictive?  Can it lead to other problems?

What are the effects of excess sugar on your body? Before we can talk about the health consequences of consuming too much sugar, it’s important to understand why we like sweets and the effect they have on the brain and nervous system.  The alterations in brain chemistry from the consumption of excess sugar begins to tell the story of the potential negative impacts on the rest of the body.

Recent evidence, as brought to light by Glasgow University and in a segment on NBC’s The Today Show, suggests that an addiction to sugar, or “sweet tooth” may begin early on in life as infants are first introduced to foods.  It proposes that, because most store bought baby foods contain either added sugar, or sweeter foods (sweet potatoes, apples, carrots, fruit juice, etc.), children are unable to develop their other tastes, such as bitter.  The report recommended that baby foods be made at home, allowing the parents to control the exact ingredients their children were eating.

This video, from Dr. Nicole Avena, gives us a great synopsis of what happens to the brain when we eat foods containing added sugars.

Keep an eye out for future blogs which will begin to discuss the impacts of sugar on the rest of the body.


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