5 star

” I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Megan for about 12 weeks.  I had chronic lower back pain from sports/working out.  Based on x-rays, my spine was unaligned which was resulting in some of that pain.  After the completion of the 12 weeks (adjustments/exercises/stretching), my spine alignment had improved significantly and my lower back pain was diminished. Dr. Megan and Dr. Adam are very knowledgeable, personable, and you are guaranteed to feel better walking out of there than you did walking in.”


5 star

” Dr. Megan took her time and asked lots of questions to get a sense of what kind of pain I was feeling and from there she spent a great deal of time getting to the root of my issue.  She was very knowledgeable and explained everything she was doing and why.  I was having a lot of upper back pain and headaches and after I started treatment with her, my headaches improved dramatically.  She also gave me several exercises to do outside of the office that I have very useful and gave me relief.  If you are looking for a chiropractor that is not all smoke and mirrors, Dr. Megan is genuinely concerned about helping people improve their health.  You won’t be disappointed!”


5 star

“A couple of years ago I was experiencing reduced motion in my hip area and couldn’t run or walk without pain.  I searched for a chiropractor and started seeing Dr. Ries.  She did my initial exam, including x-rays and prescribed a treatment plan based on those results to focus on the root cause.  My pelvic area was out of alignment along with a couple of other areas of my spine.  After a couple of weeks of adjustments, my running stride was greatly improved and could run easily again without pain.  My enjoyment of running had returned and I competed in a 7 mile race that summer and my first ever half marathon in the fall.  Without chiropractic care by both Dr. Megan and Dr. Adam, I wouldn’t be as active as I am today.”


5 star

“I am writing on behalf of myself and my husband who are patients of Drs. Adam and Megan Ries.  We have been so pleased with their caring and professional demeanor.  They have explained what the problem is and have a solution to resolve it.  They have shown us that the connection between our vertebrae/spine/nervous system effects our whole self.  We used to go to a local chiropractor only when we were hurting.  However, we’ve learned that regular, consistent care from the Ries’ has dramatically improved our overall health.  We would highly recommend Drs. Adam and Megan Ries for your chiropractic care.


5 star

“I was able to experience first hand the fabulous care that Keystone Chiropractic provides for their patients. I am a severe migraine sufferer that has tried everything possible for relief! One visit to see Dr. Adam and Dr. Megan was a game changer for me. I am a true believer of what a top notch chiropractor, like those at Keystone, can do! I do intend to do follow up visits to maintain the relief Dr. Adam and Dr. Megan have given me but I am just amazed at how great I feel. My migraines have not returned and I feel better than I have in a long time. Thank you Keystone!!”


5 star

“This is a highly recommended practice for a great overall approach to your physical situation.  The doctors have high knowledge, values, and integrity.  They will work with you for what is best for you.”


“I have nothing but great things to say about Keystone.  Adam and Megan are professional people, but make you feel comfortable when working with them. I feel that the problem with my shoulders was adjusted to my satisfaction and would recommend Keystone to anyone that needs chiropractic care.”


5 star

“Dr. Megan and Dr. Adam are incredibly knowledgeable and truly care about their patients.  I’ve seen great progress through their care and always love stopping in.”


5 star

“Keystone was very helpful when i was experiencing chronic back pain. They are the first office that I have been to that completed such extensive testing to figure out exactly what was wrong. There was noticeable change from week to week of my treatment. I no longer have to worry about constant pain. I feel like I have more control over my quality of life.”